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Are you tired? Bloated?
Don't know what to eat?

If you're looking for answers and an action plan, I can help.

Kerri Dow, Naturopathic Doctor

I'm Dr. Kerri and I've been a Naturopathic Doctor for over 13 years. I believe that good health is not simply about being disease-free, it is about optimizing the quality of your life. This is not achieved in a single step. It is a process that takes continual maintenance and evaluation. It involves an awareness of how your decisions impact your health and an understanding of how changes can be made to address imbalances and support the body in a positive way.

My approach to wellness is built upon educating my patients about their bodies, properly investigating the underlying cause of their symptoms, and advocating for their best health outcomes. I strive to provide a comprehensive health care experience that is tailored to the individual needs of my patients.

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Naturopathic Medicine takes a proactive and personalized approach to wellness.

It views the individual as a whole, rather than an isolated set of symptoms and looks at the overall picture to try and determine the root cause of the issue.


The initial consultation involves a thorough review of your health concerns, health history, and goals. Lab testing may be recommended. At this point, your individualized treatment plan is outlined in detail. This will be your personalized roadmap to better health.

Your path to wellness may include any combination of testing, supplements, nutritional recommendations and patient education. With time and dedication to the treatments, you will experience increased energy, improved digestion and a reduction in overall symptoms.

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