The Plant-Powered Challenge was created as a program to help anyone transition to a whole-foods plant-based diet. It could be considered a jump-start to a healthier, less meat-heavy way of living.


This Plant-Powered Challenge maximizes whole grains, vegetables and legumes, while eliminating refined sugars and processed foods/chemicals/preservatives. It provides protein from a variety of plant-based sources including grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Fats are coming from whole food sources like avocados, nuts/seeds, and high-quality oils.


During this 4 week program you’ll get easy to follow meal plans, guided shopping lists, and tips and tricks on living a healthier life. Through our private facebook group, you’ll be able to connect with others who are also doing the challenge.


The Plant-Powered Challenge relies on whole foods with little to no processing, therefore, you won’t be having to look far and wide for specialized ingredients. There is an itemized shopping list to make sure you find everything you need.


Are the recipes gluten-free?


Are the recipes dairy-free?



Will I be hungry?




Is the grocery shopping list budget-friendly?









Will the ingredients be hard to find?






What do I get?

















I'm not big on I have to eat a bunch of salads?







Who is this program for?










Who is this program NOT for?







Is this a weight loss program?






What should you expect from the program?



Yes, all the recipes are gluten-free!


Yes, the recipes contain zero animal products.


I can almost guarantee that you will not feel deprived. The daily plans contain 3 filling meals, plus 3 snacks and virtually everyone who has completed the program has remarked that they have felt very satisfied. 



This depends on where you live/shop but I do try and make the shopping list as budget-friendly as possible. You may find that you spend more during these two weeks if you need to fully ‘stock your pantry’, but, less over time with a reduced consumption of animal products. Some of the recipes call for organic ingredients but choosing organic is at your discretion and the recipes will work regardless.

No way! The meal plan relies largely on unprocessed, whole foods. There is a detailed shopping guide to make sure you find everything you need.

  • 4-week meal plan

  • more than 75 mouth-watering, nutrient dense, whole-foods, plant-based (vegan) recipes

  • fully itemized shopping list

  • access to a private Facebook group (run by Kerri) so that you can connect and interact with others who are embarking on this same journey with you! I encourage you to share pictures of your meals and ask questions.




What if I told you that you can totally be a vegan without ever having to eat a salad? It's true! In all seriousness, the entire month worth of meal plans contains about 5 salad recipes. It's not summer yet after all. Brrrr.


Anyone with a desire to incorporate more health-promoting plant foods into their life. Whether you’re a big meat-eater or already a vegetarian, you can gain tremendous health benefits from transitioning to a whole-foods, plant-based diet.  That being said, for various reasons, not every person feels better as a “full-time” vegetarian or vegan. This is your opportunity to find out what type of diet makes you feel your best. Listen to your body!


This program may not be for you if you have a serious medical issue. Please discuss with your family doctor or licensed ND if you are unsure. If you have digestive troubles, please note that this program contains a fair amount of fibre and legumes which may or may not aggravate your issues. This program is also not recommended for those with nut allergies.


Although a whole-foods diet is the one of the healthiest ways to lose weight, this program has NOT been designed with the goal of weight loss in mind. We are not counting carbs or calories. Just enjoying delicious, nutrient-packed whole foods!

You should find a renewed sense of energy, vitality, and wellbeing with such an abundance of nutrients being added to your diet! If you don’t feel this way, then maybe a vegetarian diet does not suit your body's needs. I truly believe that the knowledge we receive about our bodies is a great gift and this can only come from trying something to see how it works in real life.

Starts on  April 22nd