Right now you're frustrated (and you should be).

You're doing your best: eating healthy & getting exercise in when you can, but it doesn't seem to matter.


The number on the scale isn’t going down...it’s going up.



Let me tell you something very important: 

It’s not you. It’s not your lack of commitment or willpower.


It’s the 'healthy' food that you’re eating and the way that you’re eating it.



After working with hundreds of women who were desperately trying to lose weight, this is what I know about you:


You do your best to eat lightly. But you're really hungry and just don’t have the willpower to be good day in and day out. Especially by about 9pm. 

It’s exhausting to keep trying and failing and you get so sick of dieting. You tell yourself you don’t care (but of course you do). Because it’s not JUST your weight or your reflection in the mirror. The truth is, aside from the way you LOOK it’s also about the way you FEEL. You’re exhausted. You feel like crap from the time you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, until you crawl back in at night and try desperately to get to sleep. You hit a complete WALL by 3 o’clock and CONSTANTLY crave food like chocolate, chips, cheese & popcorn.  

I get it. 

You're tired, frustrated, and overwhlemed by ALL the nutrition advice out there. You just want someone to tell you what you have to do to lose a few pounds and get yourself back into balance. And there is NO SHAME in that.

Hi! I'm Kerri Dow, Naturopathic Doctor

I'm also a wife and a mom of 1.  

I've seen hundreds of women who are struglging with weight loss and plagued by hormonal imbalance. I teach women a simple way to eat that does not involve giving up their favourite things like wine....chocolate or anything else that makes life worth living. It's all about finding something that works and making it sustainable.

Listen. I know this isn't your first rodeo.

You’ve done this before. MANY TIMES. You used to get EXCITED about every new ‘diet’ or shake, really believing that this was it. 

 You definitely didn’t become a cynic overnight.  

But it did happen and now you're stuck: skeptical of every new ‘miracle’ diet (you should be). You're afraid of investing in another program and failing, but even more afraid of gaining more weight.  

SO-what's the missing link?

The problem is that you cannot lose weight if your hormones and blood sugar are out of wack and your body is holding onto every single pound.


Willpower will never win against blood sugar and hormones.  


Trying to fight biology is why diets fail.


To fix it you don’t need a miracle diet or the newest magic pill. 

You DEFINITELY don’t need to count every calorie and make yourself miserable.


You need a simple way of eating to keep weight off and keep hormones balanced. 


No B.S. 

No counting calories. 

No magic pills. 

Just real food, actual fat loss and the most liberating feeling ever of NOT craving carbs & feeling like total crap all afternoon.

This program is for you if:

You have more than 15-20 pounds to lose.

You have intense carb and sugar cravings.

You have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

You stuggle with PMS.

You need some help with hormone balance.

You can't seem to get rid of your belly fat no matter what diet you try.

You want to figure out what foods you NEED to be eating going forward, and the ones to stay away from. 

You're sick of 'dieting' and you want a sustainable plan that works.

You need accountability and support. 

This program may not be for you if: 

  • You have a serious medical issue such as kidney disease or other health concerns. Please discuss with your family doctor or your licensed ND if you are unsure.  

  • You have medical issues that prevent you from changing the way you eat. Consult your healthcare practitioner before starting ANY new diet or exercise regime. 

  • You’re a vegan. This program does contain vegetarian options though it is not recomended for vegans.

  • You don't have access to an internet connection.

When you join the program, this is what you'll get:

Specific meal plans with simple and delicious recipes. PLUS lists of foods to eat all of the time and foods to stay away from. This makes fat loss a total no brainer. 

Weekly videos where you will learn so much about how the body works and how to achieve and sustain healthy weight loss. 

Your complete guide to the program so you know exactly what to do and when to do it.  

Weekly emails with lessons to keep you on track.

Complete Guides to:

Troubleshooting Weight Loss 

Tracking Macros

Intermittent Fasting

Hydration & Supplements

Dining Out


Access to a private Facebook group so that you can be supported and ask questions. You will become part of an amazing group of people who are all working towards the same goal. This exclusive community will support and encourage your progress. 


When is this all happening?

The program starts on Monday, September 10th 2018 and runs for 12 weeks.


What food can I eat on this plan? 

This program includes a variety of mouth-watering high fat, low carb recipes. You'll get to enjoy delicious coffees, savoury snacks, smoothies, 'noodle' dishes, shepherds pie, burgers, stir fries and even some chocolate on this program. All made with REAL FOOD (ie. no 'diet' foods). These recipes are intended to balance your blood sugar and hormones while providing you with a simple, effective and sustainable method for weight loss.



Will I be starving? 

Not with this program! Not only will you eat real food for your meals (such as veggies, meat, butter, eggs), you'll eat plenty of it.  


Do I have to give up coffee and wine? NOPE. 



What about chocolate? No way.



Who is this program for? 

This program is for you if you've found yourself unable to lose weight. This program is for you if you're showing signs of being stuck on the "blood sugar roller coaster": cravings sweets, craving carbs, feeling 'hangry' between meals, difficulty staying asleep, feeling tired and stressed, PMS and/or heavy periods, weight gain around the midsection, and hormonal conditions such as PCOS.


I am in menopause. Would this program be helpful for me? 

Abolsutely. Please check with your healthcare provider if you have any health issues.



What is your refund policy? 

Because the program is in digital format, we are unable to issue refunds after purchase.



Are the recipes gluten-free? Yes, all the recipes are gluten-free.



Are the recipes dairy-free? The recipes are not all dairy-free.



Are the recipes hard to make? Will I be spending a lot of extra time in the kitchen?


The recipes are easy. They don't require you to spend hours in the kitchen working with complicated or hard to find ingredients.



What do I get?

Incrediblely informative and useful content. You get 9 weeks of meal plans (with egg-free, nut-free, and vegetarian options), weekly emails, weekly videos, weekly checklists, weight tracker, guides on: the fundamentals of the program, Troubleshooting Weight Loss, Tracking Macros, Intermittent Fasting, Hydration & Supplements, Dining Out, Meal-Planning, as well as access to the private facebook group where you can ask me questions. (12 weeks of content all for less than the price of 4 in-office visits with me.)


How is the program delivered? Do we meet in-person?

The contents of the program will be delivered via email. It is a combination of PDF documents, email and video. There is also a private facebook group exclusive to participants in the program. Here you can ask questions!



What should I expect from this program?

You should expect the ease of going through the day without stressing about what to eat and when. You should expect to learn profound and useful knowledge about the way food works in your body. Healthy weight loss. Reduced carb and sugar cravings. Better control over your appetite. Sustained energy levels with no more crashes. Less brain fog. Less bloating. Better hormonal balance and regulated blood sugar. The FREEDOM to have a glass of wine or chocolate without feeling guilty or 'blowing your diet'. 

If you have any further questions about the program, please send us an email at info@doctordow.ca.

Program begins on Sept 10th.

An investment worth $597. 

Join today for only $299

or 2 monthly payments of $150